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Get K Free Daily Today: The Complete Daily Multivitamin Without Vitamin K 

K Free Daily
 is a complete multivitamin without vitamin K or other nutrients shown to affect INR or the way your blood forms a clot.

K Free Daily was formulated and developed by a pharmacist and a registered dietitian.

Over the years, the creators of K Free Daily shared the frustration of their patients who struggled with the inability to find a multivitamin that was safe to take with their anticoagulation medications.  K Free Daily is the solution to this problem that has plagued patients and health care providers for decades. With the developer’s combined knowledge and expertise on medication, cardiovascular disease, drug-nutrient interactions, and nutrition, each ingredient and their amounts were thoroughly researched to design the perfect multivitamin for patients on anticoagulants.

Benefits of K Free Daily:  

  • K Free Daily is designed for people taking anticoagulants AKA “blood thinners”
  • K Free Daily will not affect INR or the amount of time it takes for your blood to form a clot
  • K Free Daily does not contain vitamin K or other nutrients shown to affect INR
  • It is safe for people taking anticoagulants to start or stop this unique multivitamin at any time without worrying about changes in INR
  • K Free Daily is made for both men and women
  • K Free Daily is the only multivitamin designed by a pharmacist and a registered dietitian exclusively for use by patients taking anticoagulants
  • K Free Daily is made with USP grade ingredients and manufactured in a GMP certified facility
  • The vitamins and minerals are in an easy to swallow vegetable capsule to increase nutrient absorption
  • Most Americans do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily.  A complete multivitamin can help prevent nutrient deficiencies.
  • K Free Daily is recommended by doctors, pharmacists, and registered dietitians

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