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Healthy Eating Away From Home While Monitoring Your Vitamin K

Healthy Eating Away From Home While Monitoring Your Vitamin K Intake

Monitoring your intake while dining out is key to healthy eating.  Many restaurants provide you with two times the amount of food you should be eating. Below are some healthy eating tips when dining out and key points to remember about vitamin K intake.

  1. Plan your meal in advance.  Many restaurants have their menu on their website and you can determine a healthy choice before even leaving your house.
  2. If you’re starving before you leave your house, it might be helpful to have a light snack (100-200 calories) before your meal.  This snack could be a piece of fruit, a slice of cheese, or a handful of almonds.  This snack should hold you over until your meal comes helping to prevent you from overeating.
  3. Order plant-based foods.  Choose meal options that contain fruits, vegetables, or whole grains.  These foods are higher in fiber which will leave you feeling more satiated.  If you’re ordering a salad, get the dressing on the side.  This way you can add a small amount to the food. When taking warfarin, order a salad that’s made with iceberg lettuce to limit your vitamin K intake
  4. Monitor your fat intake.  Choose baked, grilled, or broiled food instead of fried food.  When calculating your vitamin K intake, don’t forget about the oil used to cook food or added to salad dressings. Olive oil has 8 mcg vitamin K and canola oil has 10 mcg of vitamin K per tablespoon. 
  5. Limit your condiment and sauce intake.  Condiments tend to be loaded with fat and additional calories.  We often add condiments to our plate prior to taking our first bite.  Taste the food first.  If you feel that it requires a condiment, add a small amount.  Herbs, spices, and lemon juice are a great substitute for salt and sauces.
  6. Caution with buffets.  Before you fill up your plate with food, walk around the buffet to scope out the healthiest options.  Fill up on low vitamin K fruits, low vitamin K vegetables (see the list below), and whole grains. 
  7. Slow down when you eat. Try placing your fork down in between bites of food.  Remember to chew and taste each bite.  So often we put the next fork of food in our mouth before swallowing the last bit of food.  Let the food hangout in your mouth before swallowing it and chew it very well.  Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full.
  8. Think before you drink.  Beverages can contain hundreds of calories that are not necessary.  A 20 oz soda may contain upwards of 250 calories which is equivalent to 1 cup of rice.  Aim for calorie free or low calorie beverages, water, unsweetened iced tea, etc.  Caution with green tea and some herbal teas as it can interact with warfarin. 

 List of Fruits and Vegetables Very Low in Vitamin K

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