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Vitamin K and Blood Thinners: Healthy Eating on Anticoagulants

One of the first things you’re told when starting on an anticoagulant such as warfarin, is to limit your vitamin K intake.  Vitamin K is found in many of our nutrient rich dark green leafy vegetable.  The avoidance or limitation of dark green leafy vegetables may be contradicting to information you received when learning how to follow a healthy diet.  Everyone knows a healthy diet is rich in fruits and vegetables.  So how should you eat when you’re told to eat healthy but need to limit our vitamin K intake? Before diet suggestions, lets review the role of vitamin K.

Why is Vitamin K Important to Limit on Blood Thinners?  

Vitamin K plays an important role in the formation of a blood clot.  Blood thinners such as warfarin work by inhibiting the action of vitamin K and thus slow down the rate at which blood clots.  If you follow a diet rich in vitamin K, then quickly stop eating vitamin K, you will have an increased risk of bleeding.  If you follow a diet low in vitamin K, then suddenly consume a high amount of vitamin K, this can lead to a blood clot.

Healthy Eating on Blood Thinners

Fruits and vegetables provide an array of different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.  The good news is that not all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin K.  Vitamin K is measured in micrograms, which is often abbreviated “mcg”.  See the list below to identify some examples of high vitamin K foods:

Key Points to Maintain a Stable INR:

1. Become familiar with foods high in vitamin K

2. Keep your high vitamin K foods consistent on a daily basis.  Ex: no more than 1/4 cup per day of foods high in vitamin k

3. Keep your vitamin K intake less than 90 mcg per day for women and 120 mcg per day for men.

4. Use caution when choosing a supplement as many can interact with anticoagulants.  K Free Daily is a complete multivitamin without vitamin k designed and developed for individuals on blood thinners and will not interfere with INR.  Buy Now

5. Consume more foods that are lower in vitamin K as shown below

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Although you may be changing the type of fruits and vegetables you put on your plate, it is still important to develop a healthy eating lifestyle.

– Plan your meals at least 1 day in advance
– Eat at least 3 times per day
– Be more mindful when eating!  Mindful eating is a foreign concept to many of us.  Below are a few tips to assist in mindful eating.  Next time you eat follow this mindful eating exercise

  •  Step 1: Determine what triggers you to eat.  Why are you eating? Are you bored? Are you eating because a large plate of food is placed before you? Are you tired?  Is it time to eat?  Are you socializing?  It’s important to recognize that many of us eat when we’re not hungry.
  • Step 2: Eliminate distractions around you.  Turn off the TV.  Turn off the radio.  Put down your phone.  Focus on mealtime.
  • Step 3: Assess your level of hunger before you eat and throughout your meal.
  • Step 4: Pick up a small food item with your fork and place the piece of food in your mouth.  Put down the fork.  Actually let the food sit in your mouth for 10-30 seconds to experience the true taste of the food.   Chew slowly.  Continue to eat your meal in this manner. Becoming more mindful of how you feel when you eat will allow you to truly taste food, consume an appropriate amount, and assist you in achieving your lifestyle goals. 

– Drink plenty of water throughout the day, before each meal, and during meals.
– Choose lean meats, low-fat or nonfat cheese and milk, etc
– Limit sugar intake, especially from beverages
– Use small plate, bowls, glasses, and serving utensils
– Plan your snacks!  (ex: handful of raw almonds; fruit and cottage cheese; peanut butter and banana; hardboiled egg and berries)

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