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I'm very pleased with the improved K Free Daily. The veggie capsules are easy to swallow. After purchasing my first bottle, I signed up for the subscription program and it's great not having to worry about reordering my bottle. Plus, the discount is great. A+ customer service.

Alexa J. (34)

I'm from the UK and purchased K Free Daily online. I am VERY pleased with the product, the speed of delivery, and the customer service. I plan to sign up for the subscription as I get closer to finishing my first bottle.

Charles (age 52)

I must say that K Free Daily has A+ customer service! I've had a few questions about K Free Daily and the customer service team is very quick to respond and are very nice and helpful. They even were able to answer questions about my vitamin K intake. I'm very happy with K Free Daily and the company.

Josie (61)

I purchase for my 94 year old mother. She wouldn't take them until she checked with her nurse at the coumadin clinic who said these are the best vitamins for her.


I was going to go on a multivitamin and just deal with the possibility of having to adjust my Coumadin dose. But then I discovered K Free Daily, a new multivitamin designed for people like me who have to take Coumadin. Finding this unique new multivitamin has boosted my comfort level. The folks at my Coumadin clinic told me that taking K Free Daily would be fine; they gave me the green light.

Jamie Reno
Award-winning correspondent for Newsweek for 20 years, has also written for The Daily Beast, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, People, Men’s Journal, ESPN, Los Angeles Times, TV Guide, MSNBC, Newsmax, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today.

K Free Daily is great! I would highly recommend it, especially if you are on blood thinners. Great idea to leave Vitamin K out of a multi since so many people can't take a multi with Vitamin K in it. I didn't feel tired in the afternoon like I usually did prior to taking K Fee Daily. Thanks K Free Daily!

Carrie S. (30's)

In 2009, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with two pulmonary emboli. I have been on anti-coagulants ever since. It has not been an easy road; for many months my PT/INRs were unstable. My hematologist believes that I metabolize vitamin K at a much faster rate, which he often sees in young women. This has required my Coumadin dose to be as high as 15-20 mg daily, especially when I was not-knowingly taking vitamin supplements containing vitamin K. Frustrated with having to do bi-weekly blood-draws to adjust my Coumadin, my Dr. told me to discontinue all multi-vitamins.

When I heard about K-Free Daily, I was very excited to finally have a multi-vitamin that would not affect my INR, especially after the 3 year roller-coaster experience I had with maintaining it. K-Free Daily has not been affecting my INR and I have been very pleased with the product. Taking multi-vitamins is one important part of taking care of ourselves, and I am glad that I, as well as many others on anti-coagulants, now have the option to take a quality multi-vitamin designed for us: K-Free Daily.

Christine T. (20s)

I take warfarin because I have factor five Leiden blood disorder and not being able to take a normal multivitamin, I was excited when I learned about K Free Daily. Prior to it, I was taking Co Q-10, vitamin B 12 2500 mcg, and fish oil 1200 mg vitamin D-3 2000 iu.

I have been taking K free daily for 15 days now and I have noticed a positive change in my energy level! My energy level use to be very poor and I used to have to take a nap during the middle of the afternoon, but after taking K free daily I was able to get through the day with a steady energy level!

I plan on continue taking K Free Daily and would recommend it to my family and friends! I had no problems with my INR while taking K Free Daily. There were no changes with my INR as I started taking K Free Daily.

Suzanne L. (30's)

This is the first time I've been able to take a multivitamin since being diagnosed with A. Fib. I recommend K Free Daily to anyone on blood thinners.

Emily C. (age 63)

Within a few days of taking K Free Daily I noticed a huge increase in energy. I love being able to take a multivitamin with lots of B vitamins and not worry about my INR.

Jenny M. (age 49)

My doctor told me I would benefit from a multivitamin but my pharmacist said there weren't over the counter that wouldn't interact with my Coumadin. Finally, I found K Free Daily, a multivitamin that is safe for me to take!

Phillip R. (age 71)

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